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7 Proven Steps to Self-Publishing

Write and Publish your book your way!
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Set up their own publishing brand
Create a clear vision and pathway for their book
Understand the editing process and three types of editing
Learn how to choose a good editor
Understand the typesetting process
Create a promotional strategy for their book
Learn how to attract journalists and get their book in the press

This course is for aspiring or established authors who want to learn more about the self-publishing process so that they are more in control of their publishing journey. So many  authors publish their books and have no idea as to how to market, promote or distribute it so that it gets into the hand so those who need to read it!

7 Proven Steps to Self-Publishing will allow you to:

* set up your own publishing brand;

* create a clear vision for your book;

* understand the editing process;

* create a promotional strategy for your book and

* learn how to attract journalists and get your book in the press.

Sound good to  you? Hop on board and join us on 7 Proven Steps to Self-Publishing

7 Proven Steps to Self-Publishing
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