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7 Pillars of Digital Account Management

Learn Key Account Management to maximise your earnings per account and make uncapped pay-checks in your agency
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Fundamental elements of Digital Account Management

There is a majority of Agency/Digital Account Management professionals who landed in this profession accidentally. Digital Account Management - often mistaken as Digital Marketing is a lot more than that.

This course provides framework of soft and hard skills required to flourish at your job as a Digital Account Management professional, and is independent of the seniority level

This course, put together by an award winning Digital Account Management Leader form Melbourne, Australia reminds you why you shouldn’t just sign up for DataStudio and GA courses and that there is a need to diversify the areas of upskilling for maximum performance.

Course Trainer, Sami Khan, is an award winning digital account management leader with 28 accreditations from HubSpot, Google, Lean Six Sigma, ADMA, Waze, LinkedIn and PMI Australia among others.

7 Pillars of Digital Account Management
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