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Mindfulness, Stress, Sleep, Body Mind Breathing

7 Classes for Stress & Anxiety, Headache & Pain Relief, Mindfulness (better than meditation), Get Energy, Sleep & Relax
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To have Super fast tools that will help you live a happier life
To give busy people REAL tools that work in 7 minutes
To feel Calm & in control & to be really clear in your thought processes

If your busy & want to live a calmer & happier life, these really simple tools allow you to gain clarity of thought & a physical calmness without having to spend hours in meditation at a physiotherapist or in analysis of your life - then this is for you.

The 7 class topics are: Mindfulness ( if you can't meditate - this is better anyway), Stress & Anxiety Relief, Deep Sleep, Pain & Healing Relief, Get Energy & Recovery ( from emotional & physical stress ), Headache Relief & Super Fast Relaxation.

The 7 benefits of the 7 minute classes

1. The techniques are EASY & VERY QUICK to learn and beneficial for everyone.
2. Classes are only 7 minutes and you can do them anywhere, anytime.
3. It’s a new way to physically relax your body, & calm your mind to increase happiness.
4. Many of the breaths can be done in public – when YOU need them most!
5. These NEW techniques gives you the tools to cope with everyday stresses.
6. The breaths classes really work, they do what they say, and you will feel instant relief!
7. You will feel in control of your body and mind.

Included in the Lecture Classes:

  1. Life time access to the Video classes
  2. Download PDF with more info
  3. MP3 Audio of the class
  4. MP3 Audio Repeat of the class
  5. Links to further information
Mindfulness, Stress, Sleep, Body Mind Breathing
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