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7 Lightroom Presets That Will Cut Your Workflow by Up To 50%

Discover 7 preset types that cut my workflow time by 50%. Plus, receive my preset starter kit - includes 35 presets.
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Cut your post production by up to 50%
Apply 7 presets to streamline your workflow
Create Keyword Presets & Keyword Sets
Create a Copyright Preset
Install Develop Presets
Install Local Adjustment Presets
How to make your own Local Adjustment brushes
Use Graduated & Radial filter presets
Apply a Develop preset during import
Utilize the Print Module & use Print presets
Create a Watermark preset
Install 15 Lightroom Templates that come with this course
Add photos to your templates in the Print Module
How to create your own templates

This course includes my Lightroom preset starter kit of 35 presets (not just 7)!

In this course, I’ll share with you my top 7 Lightroom presets that I’ve used to streamline my workflow and cut post production by up to 50%!

These are the same presets I’ve used on hundreds of weddings and thousands of portrait sessions.  I’ve used them for my personal photography business and as a personal editor for other professional photographers around the world.  And now I’m sharing them with you so you too can cut your post-production by up to 50%.

This course is jam packed with tons of presets, tips and techniques for spending less time in Lightroom.  My favorites, are the 2 types of presets that can be applied during import!  Imagine specific edits you do for every photo and then allowing Lightroom to apply them during import - automatically!  Although, I do prefer having full control over my edits.  However, there specific edits that I do to every photo and prefer to let Lightroom do it automatically.    You’ll learn all about them in this course!

The one thing I hate doing is, the same thing over and over.  Lightroom has tons of ways to save ordinary tasks as presets.  This way, you can set something up once and save it as a preset for future use.  For example, if you’d like to add a Watermark to your images during import, you can create a preset just for that.  Or maybe you have different settings for exporting to different destinations;  Facebook, pro lab, blog, etc..  For this, you can create a Preset for Export and create a new one for each type of output needed.  You’ll learn how to create these types of presets as well.

I LOVE Lightroom's Local Adjustment tools.  Local Adjustment presets give you the precision and control you need to apply specific edits in specific locations (unlike Develop presets that apply the edits globally).  You’ll learn how to use them and create your own.  Plus, I’ve included some for free with the preset starter kit that is included with this course.

It doesn’t end there.  In the Bonus section, you’ll learn how to use collage templates in the Print Module.  Plus, you’ll receive 15 templates (in the starter kit) to get started with.  These are great for using for your Facebook timeline cover, Pinterest or for your blog.  I’ll show you how easy it is to add your photos to the templates and how to create your own.

When you’re done with this course, you’ll have my top 7 Lightroom presets to help you cut your post production by up to 50%. 

Just a small snippet of what you’ll learn throughout the course…

  • Tips & Techniques for using Local Adjustment presets (brushes and filters)
  • How to make your own Local Adjustment presets
  • How to install Develop presets
  • Tips for using Develop presets
  • How to make Keyword presets
  • How to make a Copyright preset
  • How to install Local Adjustment presets
  • How to make Export presets
  • How to make a Watermark preset
  • How to make & use collage templates - in Lightroom!

Plus, you’ll receive my Lightroom preset starter kit of 35 presets!

7 Lightroom Presets That Will Cut Your Workflow by Up To 50%
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