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How to Coach in the Workplace

Learn to Coach in the Workplace and Boost your Value and Career
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By the end of the course you can be a competent ‘manager-as-coach’ in a very short space of time.
How to have effortless ‘performance conversations’
How to give ‘spot-on’ feedback
How to coach for better motivation and engagement

If you’re a manager, a supervisor, or an entrepreneur and you want to coach your people – this course gives you simple, to the point, no-nonsense and effective advice on workplace coaching.

It shows you the straightforward approach to:

·Coaching presence - how to create and maintain it

·The GROW Model – what it is, how and when to use it and the questions to ask

·Communication techniques that make coaching work

In 14 short lectures the course teaches you the ‘7 Keys’ to coaching and how to change gears from manager to coach and back with no fallout. It helps you to understand your objective before you start, how to manage expectations and how to use the GROW Model – with its questions to run the session to a great result.

The course gives you questioning skills that make for excellent ‘performance conversations’ – a perfect way to create a coaching environment without even beginning any ‘formal’ coaching.

It dispels any concept of a ‘psychotherapy’ approach and shows you how, with appropriate empathy, to keep the sessions focused on increasing performance and employee engagement.

You’ll get a simple model for giving spot-on feedback that helps people to adjust their own performance. You’ll see how to improve your level of influence and inject new energy into your listening and observation skills.

There are two bonus video ‘extras’ - to help with using the GROW Model and improve your questioning and listening techniques. It shows you the power of questions and how people cannot ‘not answer’ a question.

The statistical studies that show the massive return on investment and the benefits to people who are coached are included in the manual. The need for good performance coaches in business is getting stronger. It explains the difference between manager-as-coach and hiring in a professional and how to make it work.

How to Coach in the Workplace
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