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A New Method For Product Development & Design: SIMPSIS-Model

A Comprehensive Motivation Framework for Product Owners, Managers, (UX) Designers, and IT & SaaS Startup Entrepreneurs
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A new and revolutionary framework for product development & design backed by science that reveals the reasons why your customers buy, stay, and engage with your product.
Learn how motivation and behavior works with +7 important theories you must know about (Incl. motivation & behavioral psychology crash-course worth $99,99).
See 100+ practical case examples and 50+ techniques used by successful companies and why they work on a psychological level.
Be able to apply a new method to brainstorm innovative product/service features around customer motivations that increase your sales, retention, and engagement.

Are you looking for new ways to build better products & services with a positive impact on customer adoption, acquisition, retention, and engagement?

The SIMPSIS-Framework is a new and revolutionary framework backed by science in motivation and behavioral psychology, and reveals 7 main reasons why your customers would buy, use, stay, and engage with your product or service.

In this course, you will learn a better and science-backed method that successfully helps you come up with new product & service ideas, features, and strategies that create value for both your customers and your business. And also helps you avoid wasting time in the product development & design process on unnecessary user research that has already been proven by science.

Next to this extremely helpful framework, this course includes:

  • A crash course in motivation & behavioral psychology (worth $99,99)

  • The basics of gamification and fun theory

  • +100 practical case examples and +50 techniques used by successful companies to increase sales, retention, and engagement

Belong to the future heroes in engagement that defeat their competition by mastering the human psychological drivers. If you want to learn more about human psychology for free, then search for the name Wisdom of Everything on YT & Insta.

We recently updated the framework SIMPSIS to a new name, SWERIPSI, that explains the 8 essential wisdoms of life, the 8 ways to become happy, and the 8 categories of human drivers & habits. (They are all related) (Just search for wisdom of everything).

A New Method For Product Development & Design: SIMPSIS-Model
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