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7-Day Hatha-Yin Yoga Fusion for Flexibility & Stress Relief

Yoga Love From Maui to help You Transform Your Relationship with Your Body & with Yourself
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Develop a deeper relationship with your body and with yourself.
Become stronger, leaner, and more flexible.
Reduce levels of stress and anxiety.
Flexibility not only in your body, but also in your ability to be kind to yourself.
Practice loving kindness towards yourself.

This exclusive yoga immersion program was filmed across 5 locations on the beautiful island of Maui.

If you are looking to improve the flexibility of or open your hips, hamstrings, back, shoulders… really, your whole body, then this yoga program is for you! Immerse Yourself!

This program not only focuses on flexibility of your physical body, but also your emotional body. Often the areas where you are less flexible means these are also the areas where you store stress and tension (emotional body). As you focus on improving flexibility in the major core areas, you may also release these stored stressors from the emotional body. With that, it is vital that you couple your flexibility practice with a nurturing, self-care practice for your emotional body. Being kind and loving to yourself. Observing your body and emotions without judgement, accepting your body and fully embody your emotions exactly as they are.

These 7 full length yoga practices are designed to transform your relationship with your body and with yourself.

Each day focuses on a specific area of the body from the ground up. You can 100% do this program without any props, but in an effort to accept your body where it is at in your yoga practice, I do encourage you to have props handy at each practice. Bolsters (or a few pillows), yoga blocks (or a heavy stack of books), and a strap (or a belt). Meeting your body where it is at, rather than forcing it into extremes, can actually help you to gain leaps and bounds in your flexibility practice as well as your relationship with yourself.

  • In the material shared, I included a pdf document for you that highlights links to props that I personally use and that are cost effective for anyone new to props. An essential part of an at-home yoga practice is your environment. Setting the tone so you can truly settle into your practice, which is why I also included details on how I personally set up my at-home yoga environment.

The yoga practices are a fusion of Hatha and Yin yoga. This is my favorite and go-to practice. It provides you a nice balance of flow and movement for the physical body, and the longer holds of Yin provide you the opportunity to journey inward and nurture your emotional body for a self-loving practice.

The final 2 videos are full body flexibility flows. One is a complete Hatha yoga practice and then you get to truly indulge in the final video with a complete Yin yoga practice. The longer holds in Yin yoga (3-5 minutes) provide an opportunity for a slow-moving meditation. An opportunity for you to journey inward. You will soften & quiet your body and your mind, bringing full awareness into the present moment, while we deepen your connection to your body. Doing this can be very difficult in most yoga routines that flow quickly from one pose to the next. This is exactly why I love Yin yoga. This will be a slow, gentle practice of opening and releasing, without striving, without pushing your body, without any true effort... except to accept yourself as you are.

This program is an opportunity for you to tend to your body, mind and soul. I encourage you to walk through the 7 days at your own pace. Make this a practice of loving kindness towards your body and the way you communicate with yourself. Listening to your body and honoring what it needs each day.

At the end of the 7 day program you will feel more open and deeply connected to your body and your true loving self. You will let go of any thoughts of where you want it to be and just accept it in the here & now.

I have also included 2 Bonus meditations to further your practice of loving kindness.

I hope to join you on the mat.

From my heart to yours.

--- Ashley

7-Day Hatha-Yin Yoga Fusion for Flexibility & Stress Relief
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