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Making Electronic Music with Logic Pro X Track From Scratch

Step by step Music Production in Logic Pro X - Music Style EDM / Drum and Bass * Sample Pack Included *
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How to create a Liquid Drum and Bass track from scratch
Drum editing and programming
Drum sound design with synths
Melody creation tips and tricks
How to level a mix
EQ and compression techniques
Professional workflow tips in Logic Pro X

***Project File Included***
***Sample Pack Included***

Either follow along or just take the ideas into your own work. This course is designed to help improve your workflow in creating musical ideas inside Logic Pro X. Perfect for making electronic music such as EDM and drum and bass.

The course is divided into 6 steps with techniques from each video following onto the next. The project file for the final result is also available for students to download.

Making Electronic Music with Logic Pro X Track From Scratch
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