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How to Create Inner Peace Using Mindfulness

Powerful, practical awareness exercises to 'calm your farm' and master your mind
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Practical, simple, quick and deeply stress-settling Mindfulness practices for the real world.
6 x Daily guided audio exercises with easy tools to integrate into daily life, where and when you need it most.
6 x Daily learning modules to deepen your understanding of your mind, body and soul and how they interract.
6 x Daily 'playbook' PDFs to learn and practice your Mindfulness skills.
1 x Guided Visualisation Sacred Energy Mastery(TM) healing meditation to soothe your soul, created by Kristy Lee Rackham
Nurse-created and facilitated program with stress and anxiety expert, holistic Registered Nurse and mum of 2!
Learn tools to instantly 'calm your farm' and master your mindset without having to sit and 'ohm' for hours!


When we have a high level of mindfulness and let ourselves acknowledge our current state, we move beyond denial, fear, doubt, anxiety, angst, irritability and causality, into the realms of soul, wisdom, peace, calm, prosperity and wellbeing - from here we activate our innate capacity for great and wondrous change!

In this course,  you will learn how to use Mindfulness as an amazing catalyst for positive change.

The simple, powerful, quick and efficient Mindfulness tools in this course will form you 'go to toolkit' to de-escalate too much stress, anxiety, worry, pain and fears...

I'm going pass on my most fundamental techniques so you can begin to master your mind learn to generate inner peace on demand in daily life, where you need it most!

Mastering our mind doesn't mean we don't have thoughts, or we try to 'get silence' in our heads. Its all about having a finely tuned awareness of your internal and external worlds... This is the first key to effectively managing the big 4 'life interrupters' - anxiety, depression, pain, fatigue, fears, and self-doubts (and all their subsets!).

"Changing our health and wellbeing takes awareness, acceptance, allowing, and acknowledgement of the processes that are happening in our MIND, and then applying practical tools in everyday life to MASTER IT!"

If we are unaware and do not accept the thoughts, feelings, words, actions and behaviours we are exhibiting, we cannot make amendments that take us into our true and real being. In this way, a lack of conscious awareness keeps us from the opportunity to CHOOSE the life that we desire, rather than being randomly subject to whatever life throws at us!

Join me, Kristy Rackham, trained Nurse, holistic counsellor and lifestyle coach, author and speaker, for my 'Instant Peace' 6 Day Mindfulness Challenge!

How to Create Inner Peace Using Mindfulness
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