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[A1] 650+ most common English words | Vocabulary Builder

Learn 20 new words every day with memorable pictures and lots of fun. Spaced repetition and a guess mode are included.
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655 most commonly used words in English
Form the target vocabulary quickly, confidently and accurately
Correct pronunciation
Different meanings and usage

Who is the target audience?

  • Complete beginners

  • Someone who has learned English a good while ago and now wants to refresh it quickly

  • Children

This course is for Everyone. No matter if you are Brazilian, Arab, Russian or Japanese.

It simply involves graphics and English words.

No need to translate anything at all!

See words, listen to words, read words and feel them at the same time!

Learn the most essential words (A1) in English.

  • lots of fun (jokes, etc.)

  • correct pronunciation (American accent)

  • great designs and transitions

  • a memorable picture for Every Single Word

  • feelings, emotions and suitable intonations

  • a guess mode for checking yourself

  • on-screen captions and IPA

  • spaced repetition (all inclusive)

Please, go to see my previewable lectures. You will know exactly what to expect from the course.

What is spaced repetition?

It's a cool learning technique. Each word will be repeated:

  • next day

  • then in 3 days

  • then in 7 days

  • and sometimes even in 15 days.

It works for deep and long-term learning.

What is a guess mode?

You will see a picture for a few seconds and have to guess an answer.

Then straight after it  you will see the correct  answer (Positive feedback)

It's the most important technique.

This course is designed for daily practicing of 15-18 minutes.

2 lessons per day are recommended.

One lesson  is with new words while the other one is for repetition.

You will learn 20 new words every day.

The whole course will take approximately 6 weeks (42 days).

No need to

  • write anything down (unless you want it)

  • worry about IPA and pronunciation (all on the screen)

  • have extra repetition

  • translate into your own language

How do children learn new vocabulary?

  • do they use dictionaries?

  • do they use gadgets?

  • do they use textbooks?

The same question. How did YOU learn your own language?

It's simple. Graphics, feelings, sounds plus repetition. That's it!

And now you know 10, 20, maybe 30 thousand words in your language.

And this is exactly how it's going to work again with English.

Try this new way to increase your vocabulary.

See you in class!

Click the button to enroll for this course now. Start your wonderful English journey.

[A1] 650+ most common English words | Vocabulary Builder
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per course
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