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Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook & OneNote in 60 Minutes

Rapidly learn key skills for Microsoft Office in 60 minutes per application with this Crash Course
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Get to grips with 5 of the most important Microsoft Office Application in one hour each
Excel in 60 mins - Interface, Sheets, Rows and Columns, Data Types, and Basic Formulas
PowerPoint in 60 mins - Ribbon, Slides, and Creating Shapes
Word in 60 mins- Quick Access Toolbar, Adding Text, Formatting, Paragraphs, Page Breaks, and Tables
Outlook in 60 mins- Email Preview, Formatting, Signatures, Pasting
OneNote in 60 mins- Ribbon, Organising the Ribbon and Inserting Notes

Are you returning to work after a break? Perhaps you have a job interview. Or maybe you just need to brush up on some basic skills to help in your day to day work.

Here we give you a crash course of 60 minutes of the 5 most used Office applications. You will learn the basics of Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook and OneNote. A full 5 hours of essential training. Select all topics or just the ones you need to brush upon.

By the end of each 60 minutes you will have learned enough to know the basics of the application and be able to carry out day to day tasks efficiently and effectively.

Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook & OneNote in 60 Minutes
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