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6 Tools for Cultivating Connection With Your Growing Girl

How to help and support a young girl to feel happy, healthy, and confident, beginning with relational connection
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How to cultivate a healthy relational connection with your growing girl

Do you ever feel like you are trying to "get" your daughter but she's more interested in her iphone and social media, Netflix, and friends? Do you want to feel close and connected with her but just don't know where to begin? You are not alone. Girls are looking for and longing for connection and parents are wanting better relationships with their girls but they just don't know how to cultivate authentic, meaningful connection with us.

Girls today are under tremendous pressure to keep up on social media, fit in with friends, look and be "perfect", succeed at school and in their activities, and make it look effortless - all while navigating the inevitable changes that come with growing up! Parenting young girls amidst these pressures and changes is challenging. She may push you away and tell you she is "fine" or that she's "got this" but she actually needs you now more than ever. Research shows the profound positive impact on the trajectory of a young girl's life with just one significant relationship where she feels seen, heard, valued, and validated.

I have worked with girls for over two decades now and what they are longing for and looking for is simple: You. They want your attention, time, support, and, most of all, your love. Social media and their screens are their default; what they really want is relational connection and closeness. They want to feel seen, heard, called, and validated. They want to feel they can tell you anything and you will try to “get them”.

That’s why I created this course. You need to know the tools that can help to cultivate a healthy and happy relationship with your growing girl! It's what she wants and I am guessing it's what you want too!

This course offers:

  • Information and practical tools for relational connection

    including these 6 tools:

  • Presence

  • Observation

  • Curiosity

  • Empathy

  • Encouragement

  • Reflection

  • Ideas, examples, and stories

  • PDF's for each section AND

  • Bonus PDF's for 3 most common connection concerns, 12 conversation starters, and 10 simple ways to connect

Want to have a better relationship with your daughter to help her become more happy, healthy, and confident? Let's get started!

6 Tools for Cultivating Connection With Your Growing Girl
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