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Songwriting: 6-Figure Musician

How You Can Write Songs That Make Money. 1,000,000 + selling songwriter shares 20 years of experience
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This course is for any level of songwriter from beginner to experienced.  With my first module: How To Write Songs That Make Money; you will get the tools you need to make every song you write a hit.  I'm not blowing smoke...if you learn the process and apply it, every song can be a hit.  Money follows hit songs.  Bottom. Line... I once made over $50,000.00 off of a single song!  I consistently get quarterly checks for my song catalog that's out there working for me all the time.  IT ALL BEGINS WITH A GREAT SONG! 

6 Figure Musician details over 20 years of experience I've had in learning how to make a six figure income being a musician.  My hope in creating this course is to share my experiences with other musicians that want to make a good living doing what they love and give them actionable advice and resources to get them there faster than I did.

Songwriting: 6-Figure Musician
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