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6 Easy Steps to Reduce Pain and Stress

Learn These Intentional and Easy Self-Care Practices to Manage Your Stress and Pain
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How to relieve stress and pain.
Easy lifestyle changes you can make to manage your stress.
Dietary changes that will alleviate pain and stress.
Exercising for pain and stress relief.
Stretches to relieve tension.
Gua Sha to relieve pain and stress.
Breathing technique for relaxation.
Herbs to help you relax and relieve anxiety and stress.
How stress and pain are linked.
What the Fight or Flight Response is and how it impacts your health.

Reducing and managing stress is a daily habit you create using small effective tools. Rather than waiting until you are in a perpetual state of anxiety and unable to make clear decisions about what to do with your life, forming simple daily habits in 6 areas of your life will provide you the best tools to manage your stress and keep your life in balance.  A side benefit of reducing stress is you will find that you have less pain and issues in the different areas of your body.  When you have a response to a stressor, your muscles tighten, your blood pressure rises and the different systems of your body may be impaired.  So, managing stress provides you with the opportunity to put a halt to additional issues such as neck and back, pain, headaches and many other health conditions.

I invite you make managing your stress your top priority!  Just as you brush your teeth and comb your hair every morning, forming regular self-care practices that allow your mind and body to function optimally are key. Seemingly small changes to your routine can take you out of Fight of Flight Mode and keep you from getting on a roller coaster ride that you can’t get off. You put maximum effort into your career, your family and relationships. In order to keep stress from being a large force in your daily life, you must put into place a plan of action that is just as powerful, yet intentional and easy to maintain so that it becomes a consistent part of your daily life.

Join me on this journey of self-care and starting reducing your stress today!

6 Easy Steps to Reduce Pain and Stress
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