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Give A Memorable 5-Minute Talk

Plan and deliver a memorable talk that accomplishes your goals and makes you look like a pro.
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Why 5-minute talks are becoming more common in the business world
The unique challenges of condensing your talk to 5 minutes (and how to beat them)
The make-or-break success factor when ending your talk
Why most people waste their introduction time (and lose everyone's interest before they start)
The single best way to structure your talk so you make your point memorably
How to tailor your speaking style to a 5 minute talk

Short presentations are IN! You may be introducing yourself to a new group, preparing a lightning talk, doing a show-and-tell, or sharing at a networking event.

You have 5 minutes to make a lasting impression and maybe change a few minds.

And frankly, most people blow it. Maybe you had to make a speech for a class - a captive audience. Maybe you need a speech coach for a big keynote address - overkill for 5 minutes.

Short speeches leave a big impact but they're really tough to pull off. There are half a dozen ways you can lose your audience (and maybe your credibility).

But if you do pull it off, people remember you for a long, long time. I've had people come up to me weeks, months and occasionally even years after a talk. They never forget.

I'm a former college professor, professional speaker, and amateur standup comedian. I've had to work for the attention of bored college first-years at 8 AM, tired executives from the 4 PM conference slot, and skeptical audiences in unmentionable comedy clubs. I've got you covered! If you follow all the videos, you'll be eager to grab the microphone next time you're offered a shot.

Give A Memorable 5-Minute Talk
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