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5G Roaming Networks Security

5G Mobile networks, 5G use case, 5G Architecture, 5G Roaming Threats, 5G Roaming Security
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5G roaming networks threats, 5G security solutions, 5G use cases, and 5G architecture.

The 5G Roaming Security course is designed for anyone looking to get a quick and concise understanding of Roaming threats and security solutions in 5G. 

The 5G Roaming course:

  • Gives an overview of the main use cases that drive the development of 5G networks.

  • Provides a high-level of Evolution towards 5G networks

  • Provides an overview of 5G roaming threats.

  • Describes in detail the 5G Roaming security architecture and procedures.

Who would benefit from this course

This course is for students, a fresh graduates, working professionals, or anyone interested to learn more about the exciting topic of 5G roaming networks security solution.


This course assumes an engineering or IT background. An understanding of LTE roaming security  would be an advantage as would a basic understanding of mobile network architecture.

Are you ready to get started of learning the exciting space of 5G roaming security? Let’s get started.

5G Roaming Networks Security
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