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5G Optimization And Planning Master Class - Part I

Planning Parameter Impact on Throughput and Latency
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5G Frequency Bands SUL & SDL Concepts 5G Access Methods and Resource Organization 5G Frequency Resources & Resource Allocation BWP definition and Application Scenarios BWP Configuration & Switching BWP generic Parameters Frame Structure, SSB position, RACH Slot and UL:DL Ratio Slot Format and Mini-Slot Slot Pattern and How UE Decodes Slot Types, Wireshark Trace Analysis Frame Structure and Slot Type, Use Case Simulation
How Planning Parameter and operating band , subcarrier spacing will impact the provided User Experience
How To check 5G Parameters (example for slot patter) using 5G Wireshark Trace
Resource Allocation Types, RIV and Bitmap, RBG, REG and CCE aggregation Levels

Learn the available spectrum ranges in 5G, frequency bands and interaction with the subcarrier spacing, resource allocation types, resource allocation or scheduling units for Data and Control, BWP configuration, switching and generic parameter, Slot Pattern, UL:DL Slot, Mini-Slot, Planning parameter Prach/SSB/Beams/Periodicity Slot Type and impact on throughput and latency, Wireshark Trace Analysis to decode Slot Pattern, Frame Structure Simulation and Case Study, REG, RBG, CCE, RIV and bitmap Concepts, SDL & SUL Carrier VS Carrier aggregation

5G Optimization And Planning Master Class - Part I
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