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5G Fundamentals

A high level overview of 5G cellular technology
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- Definition of 5G
- How all the cellular technologies evolve to 5G
- 5G use cases
- 5G user experience
- 5G system and configurations
- 5G Architecture

Being a citizen of this digital world, its impossible that you haven’t come across the word- ‘5G’. There has been a lot of interest, concerns, speculations and expectations about the impact that 5G has on various industries and societies at large. The important role 5G plays in the digital transformation ecosystem is provide a faster and better connectivity to the users to access various applications and services.

In this course, we shall define 5G, understand it’s history and background and cover a very high level technical concepts, use cases and and user experiences.

For this course, it is required to have some basic knowledge about the cellular technologies and telecom operator business. I would recommend you to take the course Understanding the telecom operator business as a prerequisite. At the end of this course, I can assure you that you will have a good knowledge and understanding on 5G fundamentals.

5G Fundamentals
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