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5G: Architecture and Key principles

Learn what key concepts make 5G one of the biggest leaps in the world of networking
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The key principles that govern the design of 5G
The architecture of the 5G Network
The 5G Use cases
5G Radio Access Network
5G Core Network
Explaining key 5G concepts in simple words

5G is here!

The last decade had been about empowering the world through Mobile Broadband. It has changed the way we do everything ranging from ordering food, getting a taxi to consuming television.

Now, it is the time for 5G. In this course, you will be able to understand

- a brief history of telecommunication networks

- the key capabilities of 5G

- the 5G use cases

- the 5G architecture

- the key features in 5G Radio Access Network

- the key features in the 5G Core Network

and more..!

The course is designed to not take too long to learn from. I believe a good course can be concise, well illustrated and give value to the students at the shortest possible time. So, get started!

This course will be particularly helpful if you are preparing for an interview related to 5G, or if you have been working in telecom but is new to 5G. At the end of this course, you will be able to explain the key technical concepts in very simple words that will be an added advantage to both at work, exams and interviews.

5G: Architecture and Key principles
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