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50 popular coding interview problems

Prepare for your coding interview with these 50 solved and explained popular coding problems
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How to solve coding interview problems
How to use recursion, dynamic programming, memoization, divide and conquer, backtracking...
How to solve problems related to various data structures
How to analyze time and space complexity of an algorithm

Preparing for coding interviews? Competitive programming? Then this course will help you for sure: 50 well-chosen problems to increase your problem-solving skills!

Many algorithms concepts covered: dynamic programming, divide and conquer, memoization, backtracking...

And many data structures used: arrays, hashmaps, sets, trees, stacks...

And also, time and space complexity analysis is provided for every problem!

Problems covered:

1- Find pair that sums up to k

2- First repeating character

3- Remove duplicates

4- Find the duplicate

5- Tree depth first search

6- Maximum subarray

7- Reverse a binary tree

8- Longest substring without repeating characters

9- Reverse a linked list

10- Peak finding

11- Palindrome linked list

12- Longest possible palindrome

13- Get substring index

14- Tree breadth first search

15- Sort a linked list

16- Valid binary search tree

17- Minimum cost path in matrix

18- Balanced binary tree

19- Paths in matrix

20- Tree breadth first search II

21- Product of array except self

22- Jump to last index

23- Graph depth first search

24- Graph breadth first search

25- String subsequences

26- Valid brackets

27- Flatten a binary tree

28- Lowest common ancestor

29- Minimum in rotated sorted array

30- Add two linked lists

31- Ways to climb stairs

32- Subsets that sum up to k

33- Ways to decode

34- Remove node from binary search tree

35- Array permutations

36- Longest common subsequence

37- Longest consecutive sequence

38- Edit distance

39- Longest common substring

40- Smallest number after removing k digits

41- Merge intervals

42- Insert interval

43- Binary tree max sum

44- 0-1 Knapsack

45- Shortest palindrome

46- Coin change

47- Word search

48- N-queens

49- Word ladder

50- Longest increasing subsequence

50 popular coding interview problems
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