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50+ Places To Work Online As A Freelancer

Looking to find extra freelancing work? See an introduction to the top websites for freelancers.
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Visit a wide range of freelancing sites
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You've probably heard about the most popular sites for finding freelancing jobs like Upwork, Freelancer and Fiverr.

I was recently doing research on freelancer websites and uncovered over 50 freelance sites that could be useful for others looking to telecommute, work remotely or start their own freelancing business.

It is from this research that this brief "introduction" course was created.

Two quick words of warning: 

  1. The main purpose of this course is to introduce you to the sites and save you hours of research all the available options. I discovered over 250 freelance websites in my research but have narrowed down the choices to just over 50. Each brief lecture is under 3 minutes long and includes a description of the site, the site address, the structure of the site and how payments are made. If you're looking for more information than this then this course isn't the right fit.
  2. I can't guarantee that all the sites are the best for your situation and that you'll be paid by the clients on the sites. Each site is different and I recommend some with more caution than others.

I hope you find this brief course useful!


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50+ Places To Work Online As A Freelancer
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