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50 most essential traditional Chinese culture

Learning Chinese from Chinese culture
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Chinese culture
Chinese wisdom
Comprehensive Chinese language

Language is the fish while culture is the water.

Without water fish will die,it is the same for language and culture.

So,If you think it is hard to learn Chinese,you should know the Chinese culture.

If you think it is difficult to use Chinese,you should learn the Chinese culture .

We have to find a way to learn Chinese more efficiently.

Here is the course 'Learn Chinese from 50 most  essential traditional Chinese culture'

We selected 50 articles and stories which can represent China.

All of them are the bricks of Chinese culture.

Each lecture has Chinese,Pinyin,and English to explain the culture.

At the end of each lecture, you should learn the new words and expressions.

After this ,there are two questions about the text,you should answer them in speaking or writing ,and we will give you feed back.

50 most  essential traditional Chinese culture
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