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Business Building in 5 Steps

How to Dominate the Market, Grow Your Business and Create Massive Profits
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At the end of this course, students will be able to know, understand and apply the 5 steps to massive results in business. The 5 steps are: business model success, cash flow success, expand, defend and capital success.
You will also know how to overcome the many business challenges at work
Plus, you will also pick up valuable strategies that you can grow your business at very low cost
You will acquire over 20 strategies to up your sales and profits
You can builld your brand and bring your business to the next level

As a business owner, director, boss or manager, you would have suspected for a long time that, instead of owning your own business, all you actually owned was your job as a business ‘owner’. You are in fact ‘all-in-one’ – planner, executor, delivery men, operator, accountant, salesperson and worker.

By now you would also have realized that most of the business owners that you know are in the same boat as you – working longer and longer hours, and many of you earn less than your employees or your previous job.   

But you know that there is another way. Some people spend tens of thousands of dollars to learn from seminars and retreats, while others engage professional consultants to help to revitalize their business. Some people say the answer lies in getting a Business Coach.   

AndyTheCoach has, since May 2001, coaching and training business owners on how to work on their business, not work in their business. He guided them on cash flow management, business planning, sales management, and talent attraction and retention.  To date, over 171 businesses have benefitted from his programs, chief among them are ERS Industries, Stylistique Ads, Teck Seng Enterprises and Duramex Industries Sdn Bhd.     

Now you can get all the best of Andy’s over 33 years of experience in this power-packed one-hour Udemy course: 5 Steps to Massive Results.   What you will bring back in this 1-hour Udemy course include:   

  • Why most business owners are happy in their struggles and what to do about it   

  • Step 1: Successful Business Models

  • Step 2: Cash Flow Success   

  • Step 3: Expand   

  • Step 4: Defend   

  • Step 5: Capital Success

Business Building in 5 Steps
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