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5 Steps To Fusion

A Fusion Guitar Masterclass
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Step 1 - Contemporary legato techniques from a fusion genre that will allow you to stand out as a modern guitarist.
Step 2 - Interval knowledge that will give you a unique way of visualising the fretboard.
Step 3 - An in-depth look at creating original fusion style chord shapes, along with advanced scale analysis.
Step 4 - Detailed exploration of software and techniques employed to create modern and classic guitar tones.
Step 5 - A tailor made jam track series allowing you to put your new skills into practise.

This masterclass is designed to take intermediate and advanced players from rock/pop playing into the exciting new world of fusion guitar.  Over 5 hours of HD video, example solos, 10,000 words of PDF support and HQ tailor made backing tracks will take you from the tried and tested, well worn major and pentatonic box shapes into a modern contemporary sound.  If you want to stand out as a unique and modern guitarist in a world of guitar players, then this masterclass is for you.

The course is broken down into the following 5 key steps:


Here we will be taking an in-depth look at every guitarists favourite improvisational tool, legato.  It's time to stop running through box shapes using triplet phrasing like everybody else.  Learn to stand out with a contemporary legato style unique to the fusion genre.  We will cover sub-divisions, left and right hand technique, arpeggio usage, visualisation techniques and how to play around the neck without relying on the same tired box shapes and pentatonics.


Here we will take an in-depth look at intervals.  Arguably the most important step to sounding like a contemporary and modern guitar player, interval knowledge will take your playing to the next level.  We will look at fretboard visualisation techniques and discuss new approaches to unlocking each note of a scale or chord rather than just relying on box shapes and familiar well worn patterns.  This step will change how you see the guitar as a musician.


I'ts time to learn the scales that are going to separate you fro the crowd of pentatonic and rock guitarists.  Covering modal and advanced scales from Dorian to Superlocrian, you're going to level up your playing in no time.  As well as this, in Step 3 we also cover an advanced chordal playing technique using fusion sounding modal chords.  Lessons on fusion chord substitutions and formulas for creating your own unique voicings, you'll be able to dramatically increase your rhythm skills and stand out as a contemporary player.


In this section you will learn how to create a variety of contemporary and classic guitar tones using modern amp emulation software.  This step contains 10 guitar tones ranging from fusion lead and rhythm sounds into classic rock and modern clean and lead sounds.  There's something in here for every style of guitarist who is looking to use amp emulation to create a unique and contemporary guitar tone.


The final section of the masterclass is a tailor made series of jam tracks which are designed to allow you to implement all of the techniques you have now learned.  High quality MP3's, in depth tutorials detailing scale choices and chord theory, detailed chord charts and example solos all allow you to dive in and start playing fusion guitar like all the greats of the genre.

5 Steps To Fusion
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