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5 Simple Steps To Bullet Journaling To Create Good Habits

Bullet journaling is all about creating a new habit. Creating new habits requires to journal your progress. Learn both
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Bullet Journaling is the hot topic right now - WHY- because it just makes sense. You will learn how to set up your own journal, how to best use your journal and how to grow your journal as you become more experienced with the process. I even provide 10 printables to get you started. Using a bullet journal is all about creating some new habits and creating new habits is easier if you journal your progress so after you learn to bullet journal I give you your first assignment which is to create a new habit. I teach you how and why.

There are a lot of reasons to create and use a bullet journal, from wanting to become more organized, to looking for a more interactive planner.

Bullet journaling, created by a New York-based designer named Ryder Carroll, is a new twist on journal writing. The intended goal was to plan future events, keep track of things that happened in the past and organize things in the present.

This type of journal combines the best of planning, journal writing, creating to-do lists, and tracking important events in your calendar. It is a fully customizable type of planner that provides benefits like:

Giving you multiple views for your daily, weekly and monthly calendars

Providing a quick and easy way to keep your life organized

Allowing you plenty of space for to-do and tasks lists

Simplifies your life for optimal success

Gives you an overview of your priorities

Makes it easy to customize it to fit your needs

The bullet journal is ideal not just for someone who loves using a planner, but also someone who wants the benefits of a journal, but doesn’t enjoy writing. Everything is done in a rapid logging method, reducing how much writing is actually done in the journal.

You may have searched the Internet to understand more about bullet journaling. In this book, you will learn what bullet journaling is, how to effectively use it, and learn how to make the most out of the technique. Bullet journaling is a lifestyle change because it changes your behavior about writing, organizing and priorities. However, the changes for the better are worth it and much more.  I have even included 10 journal templates you can download and make your own as you build your Bullet Journal.

Now consider, have you ever wanted to change a habit so desperately only to find out that something deep within is not willing? You have gone to counselors, psychologists, spent money on self-help books and you have been drawn to every sort of seminar that includes self-help stuff only to find yourself at the same position you were in before? It is said that it is at this moment when the subconscious and the conscious are at logger heads and in most cases your subconscious wins.

Like it or not, Our habits drive our lives, that is why it is important we continually create new, strong good habits. If you are not yet where you want to be or if you have not yet achieved what you have always desired, and this has been going on for a long time, then you ought to really examine your approaches to life and especially to your habits. What forms a habit? Why do we do some things without even thinking?

I have written and produced other more extensive courses on habits. This one is different. I lead you through 10 easy to understand tips or hacks that can set you on the road to creating good strong habits that will improve your life. Accept the challenge and join me on the inside.  We use your new found knowledge in bullet journaling to aid you in creating new habits and use you new found knowledge in creating new habits to aid you in you quest to becoming a great bullet journal writer.

5  Simple Steps To Bullet Journaling To Create Good Habits
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