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Short Yoga Sequences for Strength, Flexibility & Confidence

Open, strengthen and appreciate your body with 2 hours of yoga videos, detailed sequences and helpful descriptions.
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In this course, you will learn 5 sequences to practice individually or combine to create a longer and more in depth practice.
By practicing with the videos in the course, you will increase flexibility, strength and endurance.
The course was designed to help you cultivate confidence, will power and a sense of calm.
This course provides opportunities for growth and the videos can be watched over and over again.

This course provides 5 short videos with yoga sequences designed to help you open your hips, strengthen your core, expand your heart and relax your mind. These videos are designed to increase your flexibility and strength while improving your circulation and emotional well-being.

There's a total of 2 hours of content with each video providing specific benefits. The videos can be completed all at once for a well rounded yoga practice, or enjoyed one video at a time for particular results.

While this course is comprehensive enough for all levels, it might be best suited for students who already have a basic familiarity with yoga. Of course, there are difficult elements in the videos, so you are suggested to skip poses that seem too hard and to continue practicing to build up to certain poses.

Each video is supplemented with a description of the video's focus and a sequence, in case you want to learn more about particular poses.

Short Yoga Sequences for Strength, Flexibility & Confidence
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