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5S Workplace Management Technique

Master the 5S Technique with real life Case Study and Improve your Performance - Differentiate yourself with 5S
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Understand 5S as a Workplace Management Technique
Acquire skill to implement 5S in your workplace
2 real life case study of 5S implementation in small and big companies
Understand 1S and its importance
Understand 2S and its importance
Understand 3S and its importance
Understand 4S and its importance
Understand 5S and its importance
Understand how practically 5S to be implemented as per situation
Understand other tools that will support 5S implementation
Understand how to reduce searching and waiting time
Understand how to improve visual management of your organization
Understand how to sustain 5S after implementation

5S is a very basic and simple system for Workplace Management. The 5S name is given because this method uses a list of five Japanese words: Seiri-Sorting, Seiton-Set in Order, Seiso- Shine, Seiketsu- Standardization and Shitsuke-Sustain/Self Discipline and all the five letters start with “S”.

This concept helps to organize the workplace in such a manner so our day to day work becomes smooth, this results in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of an individual. 5S is also one of the key elements of Visual Factory concept. It helps to boost the morale of employees and also it improves the teamwork culture in the organization. 5S is the solid base of all other improvement initiatives in the organization.


Module 1 : Overview of 5S Workplace Management Technique

Importance of 5S (Workplace Management Technique)

Introduction of 5S (Workplace Management Technique)

Benefits of 5S (Workplace Management Technique)

Guideline for 5S Initiation

Exercise Round 1

Module 2 : 1-S Implementation Methodology

1-S Overview

1-S Implementation Methodology

Exercise Round 2

Module 3 : 2-S Implementation Methodology

2-S Overview

2-S Implementation Methodology

2-S Implementation Examples

Exercise Round 3

Module 4 : 3-S Implementation Methodology

3-S Overview

3-S Implementation Methodology

Cleaning Check Sheet Preparation Guideline

Abnormality Detection and Correction with Examples

Mega Cleaning Day Guideline

Module 5 : 4-S Implementation Methodology

4-S Overview

Importance of Standardization

Examples of Identification Standards

Briefing of Visual Management

Examples of Visual Management

Exercise Round 4

Module 6 : 5S Implementation Methodology

5S Overview

Importance of Sustenance

5S Auditing

Role of Top Management for 5S (Workplace Management Technique) sustenance

5S Workplace Management Technique
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