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5 Factors That Set You Apart in College Admission

An action guide that shows middle school and high school students and their parents how to gain a competitive edge.
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Identify and explain the top factors in college admissions today
Identify action steps that will help students become more attractive to universities

This 60-minute course will teach the participant how to gain a competitive edge in the college prep process. The instructor reveals why, in the current college admissions environment, good just isn't good enough.

Have you ever asked the following:

  • *How much foreign language do I need to get into college?
  • *Is it better to get an "A" in a regular course or a "C" in an advanced class?
  • *Can I skip math my senior year?

Then, this course is for you! Through twenty-two engaging lectures, this course will teach participants how to become GREAT candidates for admission.

5 Factors That Set You Apart in College Admission
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