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5 Essential Recipes to Lose Weight & Defeat Diabetes Type 2

The Super-easy non-cook’s way of gaining health, energy and vitality for life
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When you've mastered these 5 essential recipes you'll have all the tools you'll need to change your eating habits, transform your health. and lose weight.
How did you do it! Revealed - details of radical weight loss and radical change
Diabetes Type 2 as a motivator for significant weight loss
Learn about labels: sugar, salt & fat - in disguise
The addiction of eating - a secret "stash" of sweets and treats
Everyday Different Salad - Don't get hungry; don't get bored
Six great tips about juicing & what to do with the pulp
What about protein in a plant-based diet?
The fifth & final recipe that isn't in your fridge - Essential Stillness
How an Essential Smoothie can help you lose weight

Start a radical reset of the way you eat, master the vital food recipes that will help body fat to melt away.

Discover the effective plant-based diet that doesn’t let you get HUNGRY or get BORED…

  • Exposed: the hidden stuff you might be eating now – that will change your thinking
  • Revealed: the powerful enzymes in fresh juices – that will increase your energy
  • Discovered: the surprising ‘salad’  –  that is different every day
  • Divulged: A succulent savoury ‘sauce’ – that fills without fattening
  • Unveiled: Super-smoothie – that’s as delicious as it’s nutritious
  • Disclosed: recipe for wellbeing – that heals and gives inner health.

Learn how Five Vital Methods will reward you with Vital Health, and the weight loss you want

The proof of the pudding, so to speak, is that I lost 50lbs by learning how this natural, plant-based diet  -  served up the way Nature Intended – mostly raw. And the reason I turned to this kind of food was that I began to really pay attention to what I was eating. In my effort to lose weight and reverse my diabetes type 2, I started to investigate the contents of my meals and assess their value. That’s why Lecture 2 explores food labels in depth.

 And when I discovered what was in food that had been picked, packed and processed, I didn’t want to eat it any more. Instead I learned to go back to basics, to feed myself with fresh ingredients that were as near to natural as possible, still containing their live properties of vitality and healing.

The result was that the weight began to fall off me, I gained energy, zest for life… and the blood sugar levels dropped down to the point which is described as in the normal range, ‘not diabetic’.

Content and overview

This course is the culmination – foodwise – of what I learned in order to lose weight. Losing the weight automatically made the blood sugar numbers come down. Fresh food, prepared by simple methods had a beneficial effect on other conditions (my asthma and arthritis are virtually eliminated). I believe – and most doctors and health practitioners would agree - that many chronic health conditions from heart disease and high blood pressure to back pain and osteoarthritis are aggravated by overweight. And the risk of stroke, heart disease and some types of cancer is considerably reduced by losing excess weight.

Now, I never was a great cook, so it might seem a bit of a cheek to be creating an online course about food – except when you realise how little I do to the food, and how much it has done for me.

So, with some humility and a great respect for the food itself, I offer you the four simple methods that have radically changed my life. And the fifth recipe – which comes from my long practice of meditation – and my certainty that the answer to each one of our challenges lies within ourselves… if we just sit still for long enough and wait for the inner solution to emerge.

My success has not been an overnight affair. And frankly, I don’t believe those claims for miracle instant weight loss. My personal experience is 'Quick off… quick back on again!'

What  5 Essential Recipes offers is a gradual permanent reprogramming of your relationship with food – through incorporating this way of eating into your lifestyle. And it results in long-term weight loss and life-long benefits in health and wellbeing.

5 Essential Recipes to Lose Weight & Defeat Diabetes Type 2
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