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5 Day Movement & Mindfulness for Stress & Anxiety Relief

The no BS guide to beginner meditation for people who can't sit still
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What's going on in your body and mind when you experience stress and anxiety (understand it to address it!)
Practical movement and meditation tools that help to reduce stress and anxiety (not just while IN meditation!)
What the goal of mindfulness is (hint: it's not to make your mind "go blank")
Tips and tricks to love mindfulness, even if you "can't sit still" or your brain runs a million miles a minute
How to build a habit and practice that you can stick to that will bring relaxation and calm to your life

Handle stress and anxiety like a boss. Build focus and attention to take back control of your mind, body, and life.

Think about the last time you felt super stressed out or anxious. (Or is that feeling just your everyday?)

Somehow that guy Steve who you work with makes it seem so easy to stay calm, even while best laid plans fall apart or the whole project is on fire. Steve… pfft. Not missing a beat as he talks about “the best way forward,” while your heart rate goes up and your blood pressure escalates.

Maybe just thinking about your last (or current) stressful situation gets your thoughts racing and your breath stuck in your chest. Maybe you lose focus while your mind rehashes everything that has gone wrong leading up to this point. Maybe you worry about the impact this is going to have in the future.

When you’re stressed or anxious, your body responds and it’s amazing. Well, it’s amazing for short bursts, anyway, when you need to run away from the lion in the jungle. For the marathon that is most of our daily lives today, it’s sometimes a bit off the mark.

Especially when that stress becomes chronic, you’ve got a problem. And it’s no wonder - you’re sitting all day, multi-tasking every minute. When was the last time you took a breath?

This is where mindfulness and a bit of daily movement can help.

There are many claims that meditation can cure just about everything. It can’t. Or, at least, we don’t have good evidence for many of these claims. What we do know is that mindfulness can help with stress and anxiety and it can help to improve attention and focus.

Even so, you might think that it's not for you if, like me, you can't sit still or your brain never shuts up. There are many traditions of meditation. It took me a while to figure out what works for me. I’d sit there thinking ‘am I doing this right?’ while my mind refused to cooperate, quiet down, or “go blank.”

In my own practice and as a yoga teacher, I've found a few ideas that have worked for me to combat my restless tendencies and to make mindfulness still work for me. A key part is incorporating gentle movement and breathing exercises to start with, to help settle into meditation.

You might think of monks meditating on cushions when you hear the word mindfulness. Or, if instagram is your guide, maybe you picture a thin white girl in a pretzel position with her legs, sitting on a rock next to a boiling sea. This is not your guru’s approach to mindfulness and it’s not insta-envy contortionist yoga, either. This is a no-BS guide to what actually works and what you're actually likely to stick to and see benefit from.

This course is about the practical tools that you can add to your toolbox to help you to better manage stress or anxiety. It’s just twenty minutes a day to set aside. If you have time to ruminate, stress, and worry, you have time to do something that can help alleviate these things!

This is movement and mindfulness for busy brains. The kind that have a million tracks going at once.

Find out:

  • What the real goal of mindfulness is (it’s not to go ‘blank!’)

  • What is going on in your body and mind when you’re under stress or anxiety because when you understand it, you can use it

  • How to build a consistent practice you can actually stick to

  • How much meditation you need to do to feel the benefits

  • Practical movement and meditation sessions you can use to build a daily habit that will bring calm and focus to your busy mind, to settle and relax, both during meditation and in your day-to-day life to be more aware and present and less stressed.

Every day for five days, you'll:

  • Discover a key principle or idea that will help you make sense of what mindfulness is all about

  • Get moving through a guided gentle movement session (most of which can be done seated in a chair)

  • Meditate with a guided meditation beginning with calming breathing exercises

After the five days, you'll be equipped with the knowledge and tools you need to continue your own practice. And it is an ongoing practice if you really want to see the benefits. It's a bit like going to the gym for your physical health--when you actually drag yourself to the gym, you feel so much better. When you keep up the maintenance of mindfulness regularly, your mind feels so much better.

Follow along and you can be more like Steve. I mean, not exactly like him because… pfft, Steve, am I right? But, you can tap into that calm in stressful situations. You can lower your baseline of day to day anxiety. You can be less reactive. You can be more focused in your attention.

You don’t need any special equipment or level of prior fitness for this course--just a quiet place where you can be comfortable and uninterrupted.

Are you ready?

5 Day Movement & Mindfulness for Stress & Anxiety Relief
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