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5 Day Crypto Trading Course

Everything You'll Need to Get Up And Running As A Crypto Trader / Investor
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What to expect the next 5 days


Day 1: Overview & Planning

A short intro day.

I'll quickly review who I am and what this weird word Enzlo is. Then we'll dive right into the different exchanges I use along with the fees associated with them. And the last thing we'll learn is what the difference between a maker and taker is.

This can take some time, especially getting accounts approved for fiat deposit. So if your really serious about this don't move on to the next days until you have your verification in progress or done!

Day 2: Succeeding In Crypto & Mastering Exchanges

We're going to review the differences of some of the top exchanges, their fees, how to join them and why we will be using certain ones. We'll also dive into why it's important to separate your trading and investing accounts. After that, we'll wrap up on some basic accounting information and how I keep track of all trades and make sure I'm ready for tax season.

Day 3: Crypto Trader Course (Making Profitable Trades Consistently)

Here's we'll start learning the rules, the importance of sticking to the rules. We'll dive into building your Trade Journal where you can document and learn from all of your trades. Then we'll wrap up with learning about TradingView and different time frames to view trades in.

Day 4: Crypto Investor Course (Finding your strategy)

Here we will look into swing trade and a few technical setups, why and how we'll diversify our portfolio, and the wrap up with looking into ICO's and Airdrops.

Day 5: Get Started & Stick To Your Rules!

In this last day, we'll touch on actually getting started trading. What are some good portfolio allocations and how to start your trading day. That includes building a watchlist first thing in the morning.

Also if you applied to join our Crypto Apprentice Program (CAP) you should have a call scheduled with us on the call we'll review a few important things and get to know you and your goals a bit more.

5 Day Crypto Trading Course
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