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Breadth and Depth
Cell Biology
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4U Tutors is a group of four ex-Harris Westminster Students, Britain's Sixth Form College of the Year 2019, who tutor all three sciences at GCSE Level. This course is designed to help all students at all grades exceed their potential. Our tutors have always believed that tuition should be accessible to everyone no matter their financial background. With private tuition being simply too expensive for some families to pay for after the Covid-19 pandemic, our tutors decided to offer their hand to students all across the country. Additionally, it is no secret that school teaching methods favour left-brained children most, which makes children who are right-brained or suffer from learning disorders such as dyslexia vulnerable most. Our tutors believe this is unacceptable and thus we are challenging the status quo, which is why we tailor our courses to favour both right and left brain students by finding a middle ground between the two.

4U Tutors deploys a very effective education protocol: The Knowledge, Application, and Review system will increase scores! Knowledge is the testing of fundamental basics and understanding, this is vital for students if they are to succeed. For those who are aiming for the top grades, application is the idea of using knowledge to answer harder and unfamiliar questions; students are unable to get 8s or 9s due to their weakness in application. Finally, review is an active way to improve scores for next time - a tried and tested method which is guaranteed to increase your grades!

The Biology 4U Tutors Package will contain the following:

· Video lectures of the whole Biology course - our courses deploy short by snappy notes to appeal to every type of student. Our videos include simplified diagrams, colour-coded notes, and keyword banks to ensure students remember the critical information that is tested for.

· Note templates that can be downloadable as PDF files - our course is designed to decrease the student’s workload, decrease the student’s stress, but increase the student’s scores. Students can fill in the note templates on the go!

· Short Quizzes at the end of videos - our course deploys quick-fire questions to stimulate short term memory, improve neural pathways for specific topics, and introduce our students to early spaced repetition

· Exam questions at the end of sections - our course includes end of topic tests which contain exam questions testing knowledge, but more vitally, the application of the knowledge to ensure our students are not thrown off guard during test day.

· Review at the end of tests - our course encourages repetition until perfection which means students will fill out their own feedback sheet which explains why they got a particular question right/wrong and what they will do next time to ensure they will get it correct.

Who this course is for:

· Anybody who wants level 8s and 9s at GCSE! Content is for year 10 and 11 students, although, there is no harm for those who would like to start earlier in year 9!


Arda is the Biology Tutor for 4U Tutors. Arda gained a JCIC teaching qualification when he was just 15 years old. Arda has been tutoring online since January 2020. Arda has been accepted to Humanitas University in Italy for Medicine and Surgery.

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