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4H0-435 Hyperion Financial Management v3.51 Practice Exam

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Sample Questions:

Users in domain A need to access the HFM server in domain B. What needs to be configured for domain A users to access HFM?

a Proxy server

a one-way trust between domain B and domain A

appropriate TCP/IP ports for communication between domain A and domain B

a multi-server HFM environment, with one server in domain A and one in domain B

Given the following: The Currency cube Scenario=Actual 1, Year=2003 2003, Entity=East, InputValueID=USD USD, contains 213188 records What does the information from the Administration Module's System Messages mean?

It is a count of records in the application and can be safely ignored.

It is a count of records for all entities below East in Actual, 2003 and can be safely ignored.

The application server must be configured to accommodate subcubes with records exceeding 100000.

The number of base records in entity East exceeds the recommended limit of 100000 records and should be reduced.

What must you do when deleting a posted Journal? (Choose three.)

select the Journal to be deleted

unpost the Journal to be deleted

check Journal and select Reject

change status to Working or Submitted

A user needs to create an integration that will allow a master application to overwrite a sub application's values, but not the reverse. How is this accomplished?

Mark the source application as read only

Define the source application as maste

Choose the override check box in the integration definition.

Define the destination application as slave to the source application.

Which three functions are valid for use in a list file? (Choose three.)






A client has a dynamic process of adding new accounts and products every month. They require the ability to audit changes by time and by user to their application. Which practice provides the most control and auditability for user changes to metadata over time?

Use the native backup and restore properties of the database to version the application

Publish the model to Hyperion Hub and allow the versioning to control model management

Extract metadata on a regular basis with a naming convention to indicate their version of the metadata.

Use Extended Analytics to create fully populated and consolidated star schemas in a separate database.

4H0-435 Hyperion Financial Management v3.51 Practice Exam
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