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45 Day Novel (The Prolific Writer Academy)

Write, Edit, Publish, and Market Your Novel
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How to deal with negative thoughts that hold back your writing
Develop a writing plan for a consistent and long term writing life
Seven step story structure for writing compelling stories in any genre
Revising method for cleaner and more compelling manuscripts in less time
How to sell more books using a variety of proven marketing strategies
Learn to format ebook/print files for selling books on a variety of publishing platforms
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The best part? You can forget about the writing myths that say you can’t write a novel with a day job, you need years to complete a page-turning-kick-butt-story, a specialized writing degree, fancy software, or knowledge of the publishing industry .

You’re going to learn what it really takes to write a novel, find a core of rabid fans, and even do it with a day job by following my proven system that:

1. Shows you why mindset is more valuable than writing skills (and what to do when you get stuck).

2. Gives you a proven step-by-step blueprint for starting, editing, and finishing a page-turning novel in less time (even with a day job).

3. Instructs you how to format and publish your novel (even if techie stuff gives you ulcers).

4. Provides a marketing strategy that isn’t sleazy, scammy, and designed for people who hate marketing (like most writer’s).

If you’re a writer (or want to be one), you’ll see how simple my step-by-step training is to learn, whether you’ve never finished a novel, have written multiple books, or are somewhere in between.

I’ll show you how to put my training into practice for writing novels at a prolific pace for years to come. Why? Because I know you have stories to tell, and your stories matter...

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Fight the negative thoughts that keep you from finishing your novel.

  • Have a fool proof structure for writing compelling and kick-butt stories in any genre.

  • Craft a writing, editing, publishing, and marketing plan before you write the first word.

  • Learn the skills necessary to format and publish your ebooks or print versions of your book on various platforms.

  • Implement a marketing strategy for those who hate marketing.

  • Build a thriving publishing business.

  • Have the tools to write a novel in less time, and repeat the process for years to come.

I can’t guarantee the results I’ve seen in my students (or any results for that matter), and don’t listen to anyone who says they can. What I do know is the step-by-step system of the 45 Day Novel works. It will take patience, hard work, and some grit. But if you apply the principles in the course, and keep working the system, it will pay off. You can write, edit, publish, and market your book in less time, even with a day job. I’m living proof, and so are my students.

Who am I?

Hi, Ryan J. Pelton here. I’m the author of seventeen fiction and nonfiction books, have sold thousands of copies, and host a popular podcast called The Prolific Writer. I’ve helped thousands of people write fast, often, and well… because our stories matter.

But you’d be surprised to know for many years I bought into the lies and myths of writing and publishing. Myths presented as gospel-truth in the world of publishing.

Things like:

  • You’ll only have success in writing if you ditch the day job (because you need eight hours a day to write).

  • How about another doozy- a good novel takes years to write and must be rewritten dozens of times (Ernest Hemingway and Stephen King wrote bestselling novels in less than two weeks).

  • Or another whopper- you need a specialized writing degree to be taken seriously as a novelist (John Grisham was a lawyer and Harper Lee was a ticket agent for an airline).

  • Okay, one more for fun- unless you have a bestseller, you’ll never make a living as a writer (most working writer’s make a living without having bestsellers).

Lies, lies, and more lies...

I knew something was off, and there had to be a better way.

So in 2012, I went on a search. A search for disarming the myths and lies of publishing that so many writer’s fall prey (like me). I believed you could write great books… books people loved, and read, and told their friends about… even with a day job.

I knew deep in my bones that writing a novel in a short period of time didn’t make it unworthy of readership. I had a hunch that a specialized writing degree was not a prerequisite for a satisfying and long term writing career.

My hunches were right…

Once I discovered these writing and publishing myths and lies, were just that. Everything changed.

When I focused on what mattered… writing the next book using the 45 Day Novel philosophy, things began to happen. From 2012 until now, I’ve managed to write and publish ten novels and nine nonfiction titles that have sold thousands of copies, gain solid reviews from actual reader’s… all by using the 45 Day Novel Program.

Hear from one my students:

As a struggling new writer…

Ryan has been a great mentor and inspiration to me. He has helped me overcome many of my personal hurdles and roadblocks. He understands the real-life struggles of the writing life, as he is a writer himself. I especially benefitted from learning his 7 Step Story Structure, which helped me get unstuck with my current writing project. Whether you're an aspiring author working on your first book, or you're an author who is stuck on a project, I highly recommend Ryan as your new writing coach.

-Dr. Thien Doan (Author/Speaker/Coach)

Are you a beginning, intermediate, or seasoned writer with a story to tell?

Enroll now and see your novel out in the world for people to enjoy!

45 Day Novel (The Prolific Writer Academy)
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