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402 - Was America a Christian Nation?

Understanding America's Philosophical and Spiritual Foundations
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Understand the history of religious influence on the United States
Understand whether the USA was, is, and should be a Christian Nation
Answer the question of whether morality can and/or should be legislated

You learned in Course 401: As a Country Thinks, So It Is, that every nation has an underlying philosophy that is based on a particular worldview.  That being the case, what worldview is the United States of America based on?  Historically, the answer was easy: America is founded on the principles of Judeo-Christian religion.  But in modern times, Christianity's influence is being rejected if not outright denied.  Was America really founded on Christian principles?  Were the founding fathers devout followers of Jesus, or agnostic philosophers of the enlightenment?  To answer these questions, we must trace the principles of American government back to their source.

402 - Was America a Christian Nation?
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