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The Step-By-Step Guide To Your 401k Plan

How Much To Save, Which Investments To Choose, and a Simple Plan To Reach Retirement Using Your 401(k) Plan
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Have confidence about enrolling in your 401k
Receive all the "free money" provided by your employer
Avoid common mistakes made by employees
Have confidence your 401k is set up to suit your needs
Come up with a simple plan to reach your retirement goal
Decide between Roth or Traditional 401k contributions
Choose appropriate investments in your 401k

This course will help you come up with a simple plan to reach retirement using your 401k plan.

  • Should you enroll? 
  • How much should you save? 
  • Which investments should you choose? 
  • Pre-tax or Roth?
  • How do you get all the free money offered to you by your employer?

Getting these answers wrong could cost you 100,000's of dollars!

Enrolling in this course could be one of the best financial decisions you'll ever make.

We will walk you through the whole process of enrolling and maximizing your 401k using easy to understand white-board animation videos.

You will learn why you should care about your 401k, how much to save, which investments to choose, and how to get all the free money your employer is offering you.

What makes me qualified to teach you?

Before working at Glass Jacobson Financial Group, I assisted over 10,000 Millionaires with their investments while working in the High-Net Worth Department at one of the worlds largest financial services companies. Through those conversations with investors I refined my ability to simplify complicated investment topics into easy to understand steps. 

Prior to that, I co-built a series of technology focused education sites that have generated over 5 Million users and 25 million page views.

Combining my background in web based education with my passion for investment education, I developed (along side a team at Glass Jacobson), a video based 401k education tool called 401kbuddy.

At Glass Jacobson Financial Group we use 401kbuddy with individual companies, but we also wanted to reach the students on Udemy by building a course to help them with their 401k plans (regardless of where they work).

Typical 401k Education

  • Boring powerpoint presentation
  • Complicated language and graphs
  • 100 page booklet that makes you want to cry
  • Information that leaves you with more questions than answers

This Step-By-Step Course

  • Uses short whiteboard animation videos
  • Simplifies the entire 401k process
  • Is taught using simple terms (without the crazy graphs)
  • Answers the most important questions
  • Walks you step by step through enrolling
  • Helps you make sure you are on track to retire
  • Gives you a calculator to make sure you're not missing out on any free money
  • Addresses misconceptions about investing
  • Gives you the foundations you need for successful investing
  • We'll even help you find suitable investments!

PLUS!!! Bonus material to help you even further

  • Free access to a custom built 401kbuddy for Udemy site that walks you through choosing investments in your 401k
  • Unlimited use of our matching calculator to see how much free money you're missing out on from your employer (and how to get that free money)
  • Access to our Investor Questionnaire to help you see what type of investor you are, and some guidance on how to choose investments

AND REMEMBER… we offer a full money back guarantee, just as long as you request it within 30 days of purchasing the course.

Go ahead, click the "Take This Course" button. Why not? You’ve got nothing to lose (and potentially $100,000's of dollars to gain).

The Step-By-Step Guide To Your 401k Plan
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