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+40 Golden Tips for designer

Some of these important points are artistic, technical, recommendations, and activities.
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+40 tips and advice's for designers and animators
Clarity and simplicity
Consistency and harmony
Imitate printed and visual designs
Establish your own library
Volunteer to work in a small printing press for a few days
Design in black and white and gray-scale
Do not sanctify your deeds
Buy a computer with excellent specifications, and renew every four years
Practice well in the art of layout
Accept criticism and ask for it, but from people with knowledge and experience in the specialty.
Understand what domination in design means
Study time and learn to manage it intelligently, and do not give work more than its time
Working a lot does not mean better quality or more knowledge
Software does not make you creative ... it's you

we will talk about a series of wonderful tips and activities, to develop your level and skills, and advance them as a distinguished designer, I have written and abstracted more than forty important tips, from my experience and long years, which I spent in the fields of this industry.

I will also present many skills and basics that I rarely found an explanation talking about, deficiencies in their presentation and clarification.

By understanding and applying these tips, it will raise your level, skills, and awareness as a designer to a higher level, you will understand many things that were not clear to you. analyze many ambiguities.

These tips will be presented in a slightly different way, with conveniently and easiness.

+40 Golden Tips for designer
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