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#4 Proverbs - Wisdom of Solomon: From Cedars to Hyssops

Understand that "knowledge" in Proverbs is very important to gain wisdom
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KNOW the structure of the Book of Proverbs
IDENTIFY the 4 different writers of Proverbs
UNDERSTAND the background of Solomon's life in 1 Kings 4
HAVE a deeper understanding into Solomon's life
HOW did Solomon acquire his wisdom?
WHERE did Solomon acquire such great knowledge
WHAT are cedars and hyssops?
ACQUIRE knowledge
UNDERSTAND that wisdom works on knowledge
HOW to gain spiritual knowledge

An overview of what students will learn in this course on #4 Series: Proverbs: The Wisdom of Solomon

In Series #4 on Proverbs - We will study the background of Solomon's life to understand how he gets wisdom.

1 Kings 4:29-32

  • He also spoke 3,000 proverbs, and his songs were 1,005.

  • He spoke of trees, from the cedar that is in Lebanon to the hyssop that grows out of the wall

  • He spoke also of beasts, and of birds.

Students will learn the following:

  • They will have a broader perspective of proverbs by understanding the life of Solomon

  • Understand the wisdom of Solomon from 1 Kings 4

  • Understand how Solomon acquired his great wisdom

  • Solomon taught people with great knowledge

  • Why is knowledge so important

  • We will get some secrets of Solomon's life from Ecclesaistes

  • Students will pursue a life knowledge

  • Students will also pursue spiritual knowledge

  • Students will understand how wisdom work on knowledge.

There are 6 Parts in this course

Part 1:  Who Wrote Solomon?

1.  Prov 1-24

2.  Prov 25-29

3.  Prov 30

4.  Prov 31

Part 2:  The Great Wisdom of Solomon

1.  Beyond Measure

2.  Wiser than all the people in the East and Egypt

3.  Wiser than the 4 great men

4.  His Fame spread in the surrounding nations

5.  All the people on the earth came to visit Solomon to hear him.

Part 3:  He Spoke About Trees

1.  Cedar

2.  Cedar of Lebanon

3.  Hyssop

4.  From Cedar ..... To Hyssop

5.  Solomon taught with great knowledge

Part 4: Knowledge - H1847 דַּעַת da`ath – 91X

1.  Knowledge in OT

2.  HIghest Occurrence in Proverbs

3.  Knowledge in Proverbs

Part 5:  Spiritual Knowledge

1.  Must acquire spiritual knowledge

2.  Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom

3.  Be a man who fears God

Part 6:  Application

Life Application is very important for each section

Be a man of knowledge!

In each part, I give a  thorough demonstration of a method that I use to study Proverbs.

Enjoy and see you inside the course,


#4 Proverbs - Wisdom of Solomon: From Cedars to Hyssops
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