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4 Days to Start Trading Forex! 5-Step Strategy for Profits.

Simple 5-Steps Checklist for Consistent and Profitable Trading.
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Complete foundation to Forex Trading
Fundamental Analysis
Technical Analysis
Walk away with a profitable trading strategy

Our Forex Trading course uses the most forefront principles and techniques that are immediately applicable. The trading strategies you learn are customized, based on your schedule and personality. Trade the dynamic market with the flexibility you want.

We combine both the strengths of technical analysis (charting) and fundamental analysis (news and economics) to help traders better understand the markets and also help them find trade entries that are much more reliable.We use a very simple 5-Steps strategy to find trades:

  1. Learn how to read the economic news.

  2. Learn how to tell the trend reliably.

  3. Learn how to find reliable support and resistance zones. No more second-guessing your S/R zones.

  4. Learn how to use indicators to fine-tune and time your entry. This includes learning how to use our custom Accelerated MACD indicator.

  5. Learn how to prevent yourself from being caught in between news events.

We’re dedicated to helping beginners, professionals and people who are just thinking about entering the world of Forex trading.It is easy to enter trades based on indicators, but you may have heard many people say, that indicators are lagging (slow).One of the many ways we help you prepare is providing you with a custom Accelerated MACD indicator.

  1. Custom coded by experts.

  2. Provides a faster entry signal to catch early profits.

4 Days to Start Trading Forex! 5-Step Strategy for Profits.
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