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Introduction to 3Ds Max

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To easily work with 3Ds max , control everything inside any 3D scene . Creating 3D models in minimum time possible . This course is the beginning of a course series and at the end of all you will be able to create any object you in a short time with high quality and make high quality renders and images for it . Generally you will be able to sit home and earn money by creating 3d models online .

Hey guys , in this course we will learn everything important to know about 3Ds max to be able to work with this software and control it . we will learn about most of the useful tools which you need to learn before you can start working on a project like creating a model , improvement and so on . we will work on understanding the basic principles of 3Ds max like how to create something , how to edit it or how to move it , how to control our view ports  and lots of other stuff . 

You also should keep this in mind that this is the first course of a series . The second course of these series is about 3d modeling with 3Ds max which by the end of that course you will become a professional in creating 3d models , any 3d model . and the 3rd course of the series is 3D rendering with key shot which it is super powerful software for 3D rendering also very quick and realistic renders . 

Introduction to 3Ds Max
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