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3ds Max Zero to Hero: The Complete Guide To 3D Modeling

Learn the foundations of 3ds Max to start modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering things from imagination.
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Are you curious about diving into the path of becoming a 3D artist?

Perhaps you're interested in motion design and want to use 3d to expand your creations.

Perhaps you're interested in Game development, creating and animating characters.

Perhaps you want to work on realistic architectural renderings.


My name is Steven Andriantsiratahina and I am a 3D artist who has worked on video games, architecture and animation.


By the end of this course, you would have a full final render of a realistic exterior of a building.

This course will start off with the very basics of creating simple shapes, then we will learn how to use polygon modeling to create objects from reference and imagination. Then we will learn to texture and animate those objects.

Later on in the series we will learn how to add a skeletal system to a human model and animate that, creating a simple walk cycle.

The course will contain assets that are ready to download to help you start some of the projects. The instructor will then guide you towards the steps needed to get to the end result.


  • How to create objects such as simple shapes, text, complex shapes etc.

  • How to use polygon modeling to create objects from imagination and reference

  • How to animate objects

  • Working with cameras

  • How to create realistic materials and textures such as Metal and Glass

  • How to use a skeletal system to animate characters

  • How to setup a light system for realistic architectural exteriors

  • The solution to a lot of beginner mistakes

3ds Max Zero to Hero: The Complete Guide To 3D Modeling
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