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Unreal Engine 4: Project Based VR Course for Arch Viz in UE4

Use Unreal Engine 4 (free) to turn your 3d projects into a real-time / VR project in just a couple hours, from scratch.
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Take your 3d model from static to real-time/VR walkthrough in just minutes
Easily setup your models as VR experiences and walk through them virtually
Generate photorealistic & instant renderings / animations of your models using UE4
Take a SketchUp project from basic 3d model to full VR walkthrough in just moments
Create a full VR project (instructor provided) complete with blueprint interactions
Create basic blueprints that create interactions in your scene, i.e. pick up items, turn on and off lights, change design, etc.
Learn blueprints / scripting from scratch without any prior experience coding
Package your projects for distribution so others can experience / explore your project

*30 day money back guarantee (no questions asked)

*Course will be constantly updated with more advanced material

*Instructor will be your technical support throughout course to answer any questions that arise


Welcome to this course, where you will taken from total beginner, to creating your own virtual reality projects in no time.

This class is designed for those of you who are ready to take the next step with your 3d projects. Whether you are a game creator, an architectural visualization specialist, or just aspiring artist, this class is right for you.


When this course was first designed, it was intended to show the exact process of taking your 3d models from static image, to a fully interactive and navigable scene. Originally, this was all done via the real time rendering capabilities of Unreal Engine. The great benefit to you as a student is that the instructor cuts through all the nonessential stuff in order to get you up and running quickly. Unreal Engine can seem like a daunting software, but not in this course. During this original portion of the course you will learn the following things:

  • How to prep your 3d models. The instructor uses 3ds Max, but various different 3d packages will suffice
  • Importing your project into a game engine, Unreal Engine 4, which is totally free 
  • The basic interface, and getting around in Unreal Engine
  • Lighting, Materials and rendering for real time
  • Animating in real time, and exporting full animations that render in just seconds!
  • How to export your project for navigation on any computer using basic arrow key navigation + mouse.
  • Basically, create your own custom video game level!

Since this portion was created, Unreal Engine and real time technology have advanced a great deal. Also, some students will want to dive into the software even deeper. This is why more updated sections have been added that deal specifically with Virtual Reality via a high-end VR headset (Occulus Rift, HTC Vive, etc). During this second portion of the course, you will be able to explore your projects in an entirely new, and extremely immersive way (You will need a headset in order to the most out of this part of the instruction). The exciting things that will be learned in this portion of the course include:

  • Change your existing real time project into a fully immersive / interactive Virtual Reality project
  • Learn how to customize objects using blueprint scripts with no previous knowledge of coding
  • Create interaction using blueprints, i.e. pick up objects, turn on and off lights, change materials dynamically, etc.
  • Download source files and develop a VR project from start to finish.
  • Create your first scripts!
  • Immerse yourself in your own project using the best technology available for communicating your design ideas.
  • Export your VR projects for others to view.

NOTE: This class is taught by Adam Zollinger, a successful 3d artist, author, and Udemy Instructor. Adam has over 9,000 satisfied students already and has proven to be a wealth of knowledge in the field of 3d and digital art. He can also be your companion on the path to becoming a professional, as he is always willing to answer student questions, share personal insights, and help diagnose technical problems.

Unreal Engine 4: Project Based VR Course for Arch Viz in UE4
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