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Texture a Sci Fi Dreadnought Character with PS and Marmoset

Texturing a weaponized Dreadnought Mech
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Students will learn to understand and create a cohesive color scheme for the mechanical Dreadnought
Students will use basic color palettes to create base colors that will then be built upon and detailed
Students will understand masks and how they affect adding/substracting colors and details
Students will learn how to create basic PBR textures

After creating a mesh, in this case a mechanical Dreadnought, it's not enough to simply have a greyscale model...now comes texturing! Texturing models can be a daunting task because there are so many tools/programs geared towards creating texturing that are stylized or physically based, it can be confusing. Photoshop, a standard in texturing, is the simplest, most direct method to create first a color base and then add details, via masks, to the colors for better realism. Once the model has a base diffuse/albedo, we can then still use Photoshop to create the glossiness and metal maps to support PBR workflows without requiring any third party (or more expensive) program to create acceptable end results. One need only understand the PBR basics to understand how using simple Photoshop filters and masks can help create the needed details to make our model look dirty/rusty and worn as nothing looks faker or more phoney than perfect colors on a Dreadnought mechanical robot that has seen many battles. So, we'll be able to first create a base diffuse/albedo so we have the color scheme for the mech and then we'll focus on creating the detailing/dirt/grime needed to help give the diffuse/albedo a more 'lived in' quality. Masking is an integral part of Photoshop's suite of tools and we'll be using it to help with our colors as well as our metals.After we established our color palette, it'll then be deciding which parts of the mech are metallic, which are rubber and which are plastic so we can use Photoshop to help create the different textures needed for the PBR pipeline.   

More about the Instructor:

Having 25 years of experience in the video game development/entertainment arenas, Stephen G. Wells is well versed in a variety of programs and production pipelines and strives to work as cleanly and efficiently as possible. Having done pretty much everything, he enjoys getting to share his knowledge and experience in the hopes that he can help students gain a better understanding and appreciation of what 3D computer art (in all its varying forms) has to offer. 

Texture a Sci Fi Dreadnought Character with PS and Marmoset
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