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Sculpting Hand Anatomy in ZBrush

Learn How to Sculpt Hands with ZBrush
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Correctly create hand anatomy and use it in their characters.
Interpret real human anatomy and bring it into the 3D world.
Become an expert in hand anatomy.

By the end of Sculpting Hand Anatomy in ZBrush, you'll have a solid understanding of the anatomy of the hand, the underlying muscles, and how to interpret them into the 3D form using ZBrush. After a quick intro to the physical anatomy, you will learn how to use DynaMesh to create a base for the hand, and will learn how to use ZRemesher to create a usable topology.  From there, we'll jump into creating hands in a T-pose to use in the animation, before proceeding into modifying the pose to something a bit more aesthetic. Next, you'll be going in depth into the hand study, understanding what are the little tweaks that make a good hand sculpture; you'll also be given an understanding about hand expression, and how they can transmit emotion. Within ZBrush you'll learn how to use a correct workflow to sculpt useful models, not only a simple sketch. As we wrap things up, you'll be learning how to create a composite with ZBrush Render, Keyshot and Photoshop, to present the sculpt in social medias. This is a great start to understand the anatomy of the human body, so get your grip, and hold on tight for some good learning!

More about the Instructor:

Daniel da Costa was born in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. He had his first contact with the software 3D Canvas at the age of 14. At 16 years old he moved to Joinville, Santa Catarina, and at the age of 18 started his journey into the world of 3D professionally. He had a brief passage in TV commercials and movie agencies, quickly getting to the 3D animation studios, and has become fascinated with human anatomy and character development for games. Today he works as a freelance character artist and tutor of character 3D courses.

Sculpting Hand Anatomy in ZBrush
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