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Rendering Techniques for 3d in Keyshot

Learn the interface and functionality of this powerful rendering software to make all your 3d presentations shine!
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Students will be able to navigate around the Keyshot interface as well as know how to hide/unhide palettes
Students will learn how to use the Keyshot Bridge feature to bring a model in directly from Zbrush to begin work on the 3D mesh
Students will also be able to easily drag and drop materials, backplates and environment lighting to create a finished scene

Intro to Keyshot is the rendering course for you! There are a number of programs that can simulate realistic renders but Keyshot is the most direct, user-friendly program on the market today. From the first Welcome screen, you can easily link directly to Keyshot's online tutorials, manuals and forum as well as view their content across a variety of social media programs. You can set up custom hotkeys or even switch Keyshot's controls to match a 3D software of your choice for better functionality familiarity. Keyshot is designed to easily manipulate your model and allow you to control individual parts as you see fit. You can even create and modify 3D primitives within the Keyshot viewport and then move, scale, rotate or delete as necessary. A multitude of materials are found within Keyshot's library that can assist you in easily dragging/dropping materials onto your mesh, even without texture UV coordinates, to make your model look more realistic. Everything within Keyshot is customizable, including the parameters of each material, backplate (background image), and environment. Within minutes you can render out photo-quality screenshots, from low to production-grade resolution, using a combination of tools within Keyshot.

Rendering Techniques for 3d in Keyshot
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