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Model a Complex Generator asset with 3ds Max and ZBrush

Create a high resolution, sci-fi generator for use in animation, games, or film.
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Make a high poly model from scratch using 3ds max and ZBrush
Use the fastest and most efficient tools like: Spline Modeling, Modifiers, Booleans and more
Create a high poly model what would also work when turned into a low poly/game model
Render a Nice Looking Asset in Keyshot

In Generator Asset in 3ds Max, students will learn on how to create a high resolution sci-fi generator using only a few reference images. We will go over the best way of thinking when creating something and not just look at an image and re-create it. We will first start with a small part of the generator where we will go over some of the most important techniques used to create this model. These techniques include things like using splines, modifiers and Booleans to create a high poly model fast and efficient. Next to this I will also give a lot of tips on things you need to keep in mind, should prepare for. This way students will learn to think a few steps ahead, For example we will go over on what to do to still be able to turn this model into a game asset. Next to all this we will go over some good ways to fill in a lot of detail fast and easy and after that we will move into Zbrush where we will start by turning this model into a high poly. Once the model is turned into a high poly we will be adding even more detail to it using alphas and masking in Zbrush. Finally, we will optimize the model, prep it in 3ds max and then render the final result in Keyshot.

Model a Complex Generator asset with 3ds Max and ZBrush
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