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Model a complex 3d SciFi Ship with Maya and ZBrush

Create a scifi spaceship in Maya for detailing in ZBrush
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Students will learn to quickly create a sci fi spaceship using simple methods, sticking with large shapes
Students will grasp working with edge-extrusion modeling
Students will learn to create and use an IMM (Insert Multimesh) Brush in Zbrush
Students will use LiveBooleans in ZBrush to add details to the sci fi spaceship

In the Scifi Ship Series, we'll sart by creating simple shapes via edge extrusion in Maya, as it's one of the easiest methods to create viable meshes. When creating meshes in Maya, the fewer tools you use, generally, is the better your end result because you end up focusing on the best aspects of the tools to create what you need. Edge loops for better subdivisions are paramount when working with models that are going to be more than just 'game ready' (low poly) and will help create cleaner beveling when the mesh smoothes as opposed to subdividing without edge loops. Once the mesh has been imported into ZBrush, proper usage of polygroups will assist in mirrored details and overall cleanliness. IMM (InsertMultiMesh) Brushes are vital to helping to add the 'greebles' and accessories to hard surfaces to add interest. LiveBoolean is a new tool that's paramount in creating inset cuts and booleaned shapes within the ZBrush subtools to add more futuristic details to parts of the sci-fi spaceship. When combining tools in ZBrush, like IMM brushes with LiveBooleans, the speed at which the model is populated with details is greatly decreased, which helps with tight deadlines in production. Add in using Slice Curves to add polygroups to a mesh with Curve Functions to create frame meshes that follow the seam of the polygroups precisely, and the end results are a model that looks thoroughly populated yet futuristically refined.   

More about the Instructor:

Having 25 years of experience in the video game development/entertainment arenas, Stephen G. Wells is well versed in a variety of programs and production pipelines and strives to work as cleanly and efficiently as possible. Having done pretty much everything, he enjoys getting to share his knowledge and experience in the hopes that he can help students gain a better understanding and appreciation of what 3D computer art (in all its varying forms) has to offer.

Model a complex 3d SciFi Ship with Maya and ZBrush
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