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Learn to Concept Matte Paintings for Games and Film

Learn the Techniques for Creating Believable Environment Concepts
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Utilize foundations for concepting environments
Utilize Value Sketching
Understand Photobashing to create convincing environment designs

This 2D environment design course covers the basic principles of creating environment design, and the foundation and methods of creating environment design from start to finish. Here you will take a journey through the whole process which is very commonly used in the film and video game industry. Starting with basics like perspective, lighting, value structure, composition and then taking you through each and every step and ending with the demonstration of good use of photo bashing technique. Here the clearly explained and demonstrated workflow will make it very easy for the beginners to start their artistic journey.

(Students - please look under Section 1 / Lecture 1 downloads for the source files associated with the lesson.)

More about the Instructor:

Waqas Malik is an environment concept artist based in Pakistan. He studied fine arts and digital art, and loves creating visual stories using skills in the digital medium. Waqas' focus is in creating video games and movies. He have worked freelance for studios and now i am working full time on his own CG project.

Learn to Concept Matte Paintings for Games and Film
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