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Learn to Build Snow Shaders with Substance Designer

Use Substance to create the shaders needed for a winter environment in Unreal 4
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In Winter Shaders in Substance, we will be walking through the workflow of creating various snow textures in Substance Designer. To start, we will be hopping on the internet to grab some reference to guide us towards the final result. From there we will be jumping right into Substance Designer and begin building our first graph and build multiple sub-graphs as well. This will allow us to have a better grasp behind how each graph will be constructed.

Once we have our initial graph completed, we will export the maps and setup a basic shader in the Unreal Engine. Next, we will begin the process of building the graph for our second snow texture. With that graph complete, we will repeat the process of exporting and importing from Substance Designer to Unreal as we start the building of our environment materials. To wrap things up, we will build out our environment set and add some simple assets to help populate the landscape before creating our final renders.

More about the Instructor:

Philipp Schmidt graduated as a 3D Artist from Germany, and has worked as a freelance Artist on numerous unannounced projects and at Crytek on "The Climb". In addition, he has always had a passion for 3D Art and Environments, and he enjoys sharing his knowledge with those who are as eager to learn as he is.

Learn to Build Snow Shaders with Substance Designer
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