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Bust Sculpting in ZBrush

This course is designed to de-mystify sculpting a realistic portrait in ZBrush.
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Students will learn to create areas of focus when working to produce a sculpted mesh.
Students will learn how to easily reshape/reproportion a mesh to more accurately match photo references.
Students will also learn how to use simpler methods and workflows to produce good end results by working smarter with less tools.

Many 3D artists, even character artists, are often intimidated by the totality of what is required to create a believable character, either reaslitic or stylistic. Even more steer clear of trying to create believable human faces. This course is designed to show how easily one can produce an acceptable model by breaking down the overall view into more 'bite sized' areas of focus to allow one to concentrate only on that singular are before moving onto another area of focus. As the student progresses through this tutorial, they'll learn more confidence in their skills by using fewer tools and some shortcuts to achieve an end result that will help inspire them to continue to tackle more opportunities by looking all the parts that make up the big picture first rather than trying to see the big picture and figure out how to proceed next. By using fewer brushes and some alphas, one can achieve quite a lot in ZBrush.

More about the instructor:

Having 25 years of experience in the video game development/entertainment arenas, I'm well versed in a variety of programs and production pipelines and strive to work as cleanly and efficiently as possible. Having done pretty much everything, I enjoy getting to share my knowledge and experience in the hopes that I can help students gain a better understanding and appreciation of what 3D computer art (in all its varying forms) has to offer.

Bust Sculpting in ZBrush
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